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Course Development 2013

In 2012 the Island CEO and Chairman announced confirmation that the golf course was allocated funds for major earth works to redevelop course. The plans contain details of new grass greens and some re-alignment of fairways and lengthening of certain holes with new tee box positions .

Golf Course Developer  and ex Touring Professional Bob Shearer is assisted with a strong team lead  by Ben Davey and Tim Lovell. This company has been awarded the contract to oversee the development.  Capital works were started in March 2013 and the new course will be completed and re-opened by the 15th November 2013. The Official opening date.

Reticulation will be installed and irrigated by grey water sourced from island accommodation and businesses. This grey water  will be stored in large tanks and topped up by the island desalination plant. Power to run the plant is generated by the eco friendly wind turbine on Mt Hershel located on the hill at the end of hole 4 on the golf course. Generation will be during "off peak" periods over night.

It will be quite a revelation for the Golf  Club's members and the general public allowing the course to operate all year round making it truly an asset, a jewel in the crown to the islands tourism.  

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